The Most Common Mistakes in Essays

Grammatical and punctuation errors. Errors in an essay eliminate any possibility for a person to get a job. While a person may write quite a few job essays in a day and get tired of them, it doesn’t mean that there is a reason to not give an essay at least one read after you’ve finished it.

Logical errors. Arguments should prove the author’s thesis, and not refute it. Moreover, they should not prove a thesis that completely contradicts a thesis that was presented by an author.

Repetition of thoughts. Do not repeat the same thought twice, albeit in different words. The exception to this rule is the reformulated thesis at the end of an essay.

Plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work without quotations and references to its author, which will not lead to anything good.

The flow of thoughts and going on about one’s life. Yes, an essay is a free-form text, but it has a structure, and there is a concrete and well-known basis to it: facts, examples, data, and not just abstract reflections and brain farts.

Jokes. While it is great to have a good sense of humor, it has nothing to do with your job skills.

Bringing in politics and religion when it’s completely unnecessary. In a job essay, it is inappropriate to talk about political and religious topics, unless the task itself requires it: for example, when a person is applying for a job as a political analyst.

Poor word choice and use profanity. Job essays should be kept in the business style: the use of jargon and foul language is prohibited.

Inclusion of personal information in an essay. Information about age, sex, diseases, marital status can affect the objectivity of the assessment of a candidate by an employer, so it is better not to include all of that information in your essay.

Essay: how to stand out from other candidates?

Let’s imagine a situation in which an employer has two candidates. Both are equally suitable for a position in their company: their level of education is great and both of them have excellent track records. Both wrote their essays and followed all the rules of writing an essay: all commas are in place, their essays are not flooded with useless information, and everything is fine with their logic. And yet the employer reads their essays and selects only one of the candidates. But what can you do to be the one? The main secret is, to be honest and sincere. Sounds too easy? It’s not. We often exaggerate our backstory without even realizing it. When it comes to a competition for a job, a scholarship to a university, it’s natural that everyone wants to show themselves in the best possible way. However, most people tend to portray themselves as the ideal employee, the one who doesn’t make mistakes, the most reliable worker in the world. However, most employers already know of this tactic.

An essay, in order to be unique, must reveal a person’s personality – it is your personality that is the main asset when all the other stages of competition have been passed, and you need to stand out among the crowd of other good candidates. Do not be afraid to talk about your mistakes, doubts, failures, because they show that you have lots of experience that some try to hide, while others pretend like they don’t make mistakes at all. If you make an essay as a sincere story about yourself, then the reader will truly empathize with you, they will be able to reflect on what has been written. Therefore, a sincere and honest essay will never pass unnoticed and will allow you to achieve the desired goal.